About the Study

About the Orange County Children’s Services Study

Orange County government offers the County’s children and families a diverse range of services and programs through direct county staff, contracted providers and strategic partnerships to aid their efforts to build and maintain strong, healthy, and productive families. Orange County Government and its Board of County Commissioners have engaged FOREFRONT, LLC, a Florida-based consulting, research and advisory firm , to assist the County in conducting an objective review of Orange County Government’s level of capacity, funding, and potential gaps in its Children’s Services programs.

FOREFRONT has been tasked to:

Review the Children’s Trust and UCF Reports and Establish Orange County baseline for service delivery;

Conduct a Comparison of Orange County Children’s Programs and Services and Children’s Trust reports;

Provide feasible options to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners regarding how additional funding could be utilized to address level of service gaps for children and/or what additional processes the county should pursue in order to make an informed decision; and

Engage community residents, child advocates, and other interested parties to collect and report their thoughts concerning the children services needs of their neighborhoods, communities and Orange County.

Orange County Florida

Family Services Department

The Family Services Department provides services that preserve and enhance the quality of life in the community by protecting and promoting the stability of families and welfare of citizens through the effective planning, implementation and management of human services, and by providing cultural and historical opportunities. The Family Services Department focuses on children and family services, community partnerships, education and culture, and seniors. This multi-disciplinary, diverse department serves to meet the challenges of life present in a rapidly changing metropolitan area.


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