Project Goals

GOAL #1: Analysis and Comparison of Orange County Children’s Programs and Services

Objectives #1:

1. Conduct a Review of Children’s Trust reports

Review data included in reports provided by the Children’s Trust: 2016 and 2017 Needs Assessment reports and 2018 UCF report. Provide a review of findings from the said reports specific to:

  • Waitlist Numbers
  • Title I Afterschool Programs
  • Abuse Registry Calls
2. Conduct a comparison of Orange County’s level of service delivery for children’s programs with those counties (8) that have established CSCs

Compare Orange County’s level of service delivery for children’s programs identified in the 2016 and 2017 Children’s Trust Needs Assessment reports with those counties (8) that have established Children’s Services Councils (CSC).

3. Provide a Best Practice Option(s)

Provide feasible options to the Orange County BCC regarding how additional funding could be utilized to address level of service gaps for children and/or what additional processes the county should pursue in order to make an informed decision.

4. Seek input from our two internal advisory boards

Engage Boards that include the Citizens’ Commission for Children Advisory Board and the Children & Family Services Advisory Board – for prioritizing services and funding gaps.

5. Provide preliminary update on work performed to date to BOCC on July 17, 2018 with final report and presentation in Sept/Oct 2018

GOAL #2: Assessment of Youth Needs and On-Line Survey Instrument for Options and Recommendations

Objectives #2:

1. Assessment of Youth Needs and Distribution of Resources

Conduct a detailed assessment of youth needs and the distribution of resources to support those needs across Orange County. Develop community level need assessment results to inform and guide strategic decision making toward best practices related to quality services, service cost, better input/output control and other key metrics associated with cost-efficient resource allocation.

2. On-Line Survey Instrument

Create and deploy an online survey for Orange County residents, stakeholders and advocates to gather input and opinion on the level of needs for children and family services. The automated on-line survey platform includes respondent and stakeholder registration and completion of survey instruments which populate results in real-time allowing for faster, more accurate analysis and recommendations on actionable issues.

3. Options and Recommendations

Provide recommendations based on an assessment of needs of children’s services in Orange County. Develop recommendations that include a formula that ensures all Orange County government children and family services funding (direct or indirect) specifically targets funding services in areas at a level commensurate to their need.


Project Plan